Tastefully Food Expo x KCMART

在即将到来的8月11日至13日,Tastefully将在Mid Valley的Exhibition Hall举办为期三天的食物博览会!我们非常荣幸地宣布,KCMART是本次活动的官方合作伙伴,而Vigor Power则是官方饮料赞助商。

我们的展位号码为323和323A,其中Vigor Power将位于323号展位,而KCMART则会在378号和379号位置设立展区。

KCMART将在活动中举办一个精彩的小游戏,无论您是谁,都可以参加!只需支付RM 10 – RM 50,您就有机会参与1次至5次的抽奖,每次抽奖的奖品价值都将保底超过RM 10,而最高奖品更有可能价值超过RM 1200!



From August 11th to 13th, Tastefully will be hosting a three-day Food Expo at the Mid Valley Exhibition Hall! We are thrilled to announce that KCMART is the official partner of this event, and Vigor Power is the official beverage sponsor.

Our booth numbers are 323 and 323A, with Vigor Power located at booth 323, while KCMART will have an exhibit area at booths 378 and 379.

KCMART will be hosting an exciting mini-game during the event, and anyone can participate! For just RM 10 – RM 50, you have the chance to enter the lucky draw from 1 to 5 times, with each draw guaranteeing a prize value of at least RM 10. The grand prizes could even exceed RM 1200 in value!

Furthermore, as a participant, all you need to do is click the link and provide your details to receive a free membership account. In the future, whether you’re making purchases or sharing product sales, you can earn up to 25% commission! This is an incredible opportunity, not only to enjoy the delights of the Food Expo, but also to reap greater benefits in future events. Don’t miss out on this rare opportunity!