Title: Move 9our Body – KPOP Dancing

Date: December 9 – 10, 2023

Location: Sunway Nexis Mall




✅KPOP 舞蹈翻跳:通过令人陶醉的舞蹈翻跳,体验KPOP的魔力,捕捉您最喜爱曲目的精髓。
✅KPOP 随机舞蹈:让音乐引导您,在这个突发的舞蹈挑战中,演绎随机KPOP热曲。

KCMART 欣然宣布与赞助此次活动的合作,致力于庆祝KPOP舞蹈的艺术。作为特别福利,所有参与者将获赠一张免费的 KCMART 会员卡,让他们在KCMART购物时享受高达25%的返现,无最低消费限制。

但这还不是全部!注册成为KCMART会员的参与者还将获得一包免费的 Vigor Power Drinks。在这场精彩的KPOP比赛中,尽情跳舞,保持活力和水分!

别错过这场充满电能表演、赚取返现机会以及与KCMART和 Vigor Power Drinks 一同享受清新能量的机会。加入我们,于2023年12月9日和10日,在双威尼克斯购物中心共度“动起来”的时光 – 在这里,KPOP舞蹈将成为焦点!

December 9, 2023:

✅Open Showcase: Witness the incredible talent in our open showcase, where dancers bring their unique styles to the stage.
✅Open Style Battle (New Star): Get ready for an intense battle of dance styles as new stars compete for the spotlight.

December 10, 2023:

✅KPOP Dance Cover: Experience the magic of KPOP through mesmerizing dance covers that capture the essence of your favorite tunes.
✅KPOP Random Dance: Let the beats guide you in this spontaneous dance challenge featuring random KPOP hits.

KCMART is thrilled to collaborate and sponsor this event, dedicated to celebrating the artistry of KPOP dancing. As a special perk, all participants will receive a complimentary KCMART membership, allowing them to earn up to 25% cashback on any purchase at KCMART, with no minimum spending required.

But that’s not all! Participants who sign up as KCMART members will also receive a free complimentary pack of Vigor Power Drinks. Stay energized and hydrated as you dance your heart out in this spectacular KPOP competition!

Don’t miss out on the electrifying performances, the chance to earn cashback, and the refreshing energy boost with KCMART and Vigor Power Drinks. Join us at Sunway Nexis Mall on December 9 and 10 for “Move Your Body” – where KPOP dancing takes center stage!