How to participate?

– Participation fee RM 50 / member to join KCMART

– Instantly Get 12 free cans of Vigor Power energy drink (12 x rm 3.80 = RM 45.60 worth of drinks)

– Each group must have a minimum of 2 members and a maximum of 4 members

– Only up to 100 groups can be accepted

Stage A

Elimination up to 80 Groups

(Within 1 month)

Stage B

Finals to select Top 3

(Within 1 month)

Competition Rules

1. Eligibility: All participants must be registered members of KCMART.

2. New Member Benefits: Each new participant in this competition is entitled to receive 12 complimentary cans of energy drinks along with exclusive KCMART membership privileges.

3. Initial Supply: Every participating group will receive an initial allocation of 24 cans of energy drinks (equivalent to one box).

4. Group Knockout Competition Rule: The top 20 groups with the highest shipment figures will qualify for the final round, and subsequently, be exempted from further preliminary rounds.

5. Replenishment Protocol: Groups requiring additional stock must visit our warehouses in either KL or Penang to restock. Charges will apply for both sold-out items and the replenishment of reserved goods.

6. Product Pricing: The base price for each product unit is RM 2.85, while the suggested retail price stands at RM 3.80. While groups have the flexibility to offer discounts, it’s imperative to maintain a minimum selling price of RM 3.00 per can.

7. Ordering Procedure: Orders placed via KCMART’s system should be aligned with the prevailing product unit prices specified by KCMART. 8. Replenishment Quantities: Orders for replenishment must adhere to a minimum quantity of 24 cans per order, without any upper limit.


1. Finalist Selection: The ultimate round of the competition will feature the top 20 teams who have excelled in the preliminary stages.

2. Duration: The competition is set to span a period of one month.

3. Monthly Target: The primary objective is to achieve a production quantity of 2400 cans per team within the designated month.

4. Performance Ranking: If multiple teams surpass the 2400-can target simultaneously, the team with the highest shipment volume will be declared the winner.

5. Tiebreaker Criteria: In the event of identical shipment quantities, an in-depth comparison will be conducted. The assessment will involve calculating and contrasting Return on Investment (ROI) values to ascertain an all-encompassing score that determines team performance.

6. Presentation Requirements: The presentation (PPT) should encompass comprehensive information, including team members’ backgrounds and respective responsibilities, sales strategies, product profitability analysis, ROI calculations, and skill sets employed.


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